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About #AWMS2022

Welcome to Africa’s most exclusive workforce summit of the year

The Africa Workforce Management Summit 2022 aims at designing an objective and a robust framework to help organisations plan and integrate the people strategy with business strategy from thought leaders, practitioners and experts with proven track records and successful best practices in integrating strategic priorities with Workforce Planning, applying people analytics across talent life cycle, planning and prioritising uninterrupted change and uncertainty with agility as key and exploring advancements in technologies and latest techniques to generate insights on Workforce Management.

Companies are witnessing critical business challenges in concern to their most important asset - THEIR PEOPLE. Imagine a circumstance that pushes your company’s employees to change the way they work overnight. That is exactly what the Covid-19 Pandemic has done. It has created a sudden disruption in the future of work. The change in work structure has only been reinforced due to the Pandemic. However, the pre-pandemic world was gradually disrupting jobs due to changing technologies and new ways of working, which has created the need for new skills in employees. In fact, according to a leading research and consulting firm - 375 million workers i.e., 14% of the global workforce would have to switch occupations or up-skill by 2030, due to increased adoption of automation and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

So, When the uncertainty of COVID-19 hit 80% of the workforce, 92% of managers and 77% of senior leaders already felt poorly prepared for the future. What this calls for is, a Modern Workforce Planning which can consist of a crowd-sourced group of employees, collaborative employment, work with freelancers/contractors, casual and remote work. This creates osmosis of fresh talent that can be hired for specific time frames and inherit cross-industry competence for organisations. However, it arises various challenges for the management, especially the risk of finding and hiring such talent and whether such a workforce planning will create a new risk of security and trust. Therefore, 38% of companies globally have put recruitment on hold, 17% have reduced planned number of hires, and the quality of hire still remains top priority for 60% of businesses. Every skill, practice and framework is crucial for WFM, but one thing COVID-19 has taught organisations and that is, to be super agile. Hence, it is established that "Agility is Key".

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